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Monday, December 21, 2009

Dude, what heppened to the lights?!

Yesterday, after Mass and coffee hour, was our annual event called "The Greening of the Church" (decorating the church for Christmas on Advent IV). But we ran into a bit of an issue -- we couldn't find the Christmas lights!!

The closet where they were usually stored (we believe) had been straightened up and they weren't there. We didn't find them where the other Christmas decorations were stored. Even the rather inaccessible storage space above the sacristy, which held some unsuspected '28 Prayer Books, didn't have them.

In a vain hope of jogging a memory, I dug back to last year on this blog and it was worse than I remembered, starting with "Froze Sunday" and going forward with cancellations and poor attendance due to weather until well after Christmas. Suffice it to say the lights did not go up last year, so whatever happened to them might have gone back two years.

I was considering a drive to the "local" hardware store, but the Davises volunteered that they had a few strings and no place for a tree. There was a bit of an effort to bring strings back to life, but Geoffrey had a great time placing every working string outside, so thanks to the Davises we will have exterior lights for Christmas.

But it might be a good time to invest in some new strings for the coming years.


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