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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeding Tent City 4, revisited

I showed up at church quite early for this evening's Evensong, light supper, and choir practice, mainly because I just couldn't hang around the office any more. It's getting a little bleak, what with increasing number of offices vacant for the holidays. So I had a chance to chat awhile with Fr. Davis.

During the chat, he noted that he had finally posted photos from the feeding of Tent City 4 a couple of weeks back posted on his blog, and burned a CD with the photos for me. (We've both been a bit too busy, or in my case sick, to keep our blogs fully updated.)

Okay, I thought, I can add something on this blog. But when I got home and looked at his blog, I decided I couldn't touch the job he had done, and particularly in writing about it. I highly recommend you take a look.


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