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Friday, November 27, 2009

Surprise visit

The Thanksgiving Day Mass (at 10 AM) had pretty much the usual attendance, but there was a surprise after the service: Dr. Monty Stanford and his wife were present! Apparently they were visiting in the Seattle area and this was going to be the one occasion they could join us. What a delight, it's only a shame they will not be able to be with us Sunday.

But if all goes well, I'll see them again at Synod at the end of April -- assuming one of my 6 or 7 work-related committees doesn't schedule a meeting at the same time, as happened this year... and last year... and...

(Dr. Stanford produces our provincial newsletter, Christus Rex, in my humble opinion an excellent publication and service to the Anglican Province of Christ the King.)

Note to self: Ask Fr. Davis about an 8 AM Mass? By the time we get home from the service, start the Weber grill, get the turkey on it... it's well into evening before dinner. (I am NOT going have a lit charcoal grill going with nobody present to supervise.)


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