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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reviving the Continuing Anglican BlogRing

Years ago I set up the "Continuing Anglican BlogRing", a means for traversing through a ring of registered Continuing Anglican blogs. After a while activity on the ring dropped to zero so I quit putting in the time and effort to maintain it. Suddenly there seems to be interest again, so I put in the time to verify that it could still be traversed.

Unfortunately, some blogs have gone away and others have removed the navigation bar code ("navbar"). I have had to remove 8 entries and deactivate 6, but the ring should work again now. Unfortunately, there are three basic forms of the navbar and it is not always placed in the same place on each blog, so one may have to hunt for it. (In the few cases where it's not in a sidebar it is probably at the very bottom of the page.)

Update an hour later: A hearty welcome to Fr. Ed Bakker and his blog, entered into the ring just two minutes ago!


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