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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The latest Christus Rex is out...

Hmmm, the autocompletion feature says I've used that title before. So... I've used it again. The latest Christus Rex (provincial newsletter of the APCK) is out and as usual Monty has done a splendid job. I really enjoyed reading the lead story of the (hi)story of St. Thomas in San Francisco, which I visited two or three years back when I was down there for a day, for work.

Looking forward to Saturday and the resumption of Morning Prayer followed by the Mens' Fellowship Breakfast. I've rather missed that ever since... when was the last time we held that? I forget. Though it seems we won't be enjoying either Gordon's or Ranjit's culinary skills this Saturday.

And looking at how my travel schedule for the remainder of winter is suddenly beginning to build --possibly speaking at a conference somewhere in New Hampshire, possibly conducting a class in Ohio, on top of a week each for meetings in Orlando and Paris (already booked)-- I might be missing more of these fellowship breakfasts.


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