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Friday, January 15, 2010

Kairos widower

My wife is away now to a Kairos (related to Cursillo and Walk to Emmaus) Prison Ministry weekend, working "base camp": a station outside the prison where all the cooking for the retreat inside and for the volunteers going in is done. This one is at the Washington State Corrections Center for Women in Purdy, Washington. It is a two-day followup to the big 4-day Kairos weekend last fall; there will be another such 4-day this March, beginning the day I fly home from a conference and unrelated committee meeting in Baltimore and D.C.

I fully support this and the efforts by St. B's to support her also are gratifying. But it makes for a long lonely weekend. On the other hand, it's less than what she suffers every time business takes me elsewhere -- a situation that occurs often and looks like it will become much more prevalent this year.

But... she is coming with me to Paris in 3 weeks time for another of my committees' meeting. After my meetings are done we will have two days to tour together. Parisian French is her other native language; it will be a good time and will make up for this separation!

I wonder if there are any Anglican churches in Paris.


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