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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

DWS Family Camp Announced!

Okay, it was made a few days ago but I have been SO overwhelmed on this trip I didn't get a chance to note it here until tonight. But location and date have been selected and announced to the Diocese of the Western States (DWS).

This time it will be in Oregon; a bit longer drive for most folks in California but within a single day's drive for those of us in the Puget Sound region. We hope folks from the Oregon churches in Portland, Redmond and Grant's Pass will join us. Fr. Webb has been working on a program of activities -- which I cannot publish because the list is in my Synod packet back home, 2500 miles or so away.

But I am excited. DWS' Family Camp has always been fun (even last year when I was rendered fairly inactive due to a couple of conditions, mostly corrected). Meeting old friends from other parishes, making new friends from other parishes, making new friends with other parishioners' non-Anglican guests, visiting with clergy from across the diocese, visiting with (Arch)Bishop Provence (this becomes a REALLY long drive for him!)... and I hope more folks from St. Bartholomew's will be able to attend with it this much closer.

Just blocked it out on my work calendars. I am going!


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