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Sunday, June 20, 2010


A couple of announcements today demonstrate how things can go awry.

First, Kathy requested prayers for Kairos Prison Ministries. The State Attorney General is apparently tired of lawsuits from disgruntled (or merely troublemaker?) inmates over the food brought in for the Kairos weekends and so there will be no more food brought in for Kairos and no more daily cookie distribution to all the inmates during Kairos. (And I learned for the first time that they even made bags of cookies specifically to certain inmates' dietary requirements!) From now on the volunteers inside and Kairos participants will eat the same prison meals enjoyed by all the rest of the prisoners.

I know our State Attorney General personally, and from that knowledge I believe his reasons for such a ruling are exactly as stated, as much as I dislike the result.

The other announcement was that Fr. Davis had run into trouble getting to Youth Camp this weekend. The stories are slightly inconsistent but in all cases his vehicle died somewhere around Medford OR. He apparently rented a vehicle so that the St. Bartholomews' contingent is continuing on and will arrive (or, by now, hopefully have) more or less on time, but not with everything in the diocesan(?) trailer he was towing. The Bralliers were riding to the rescue in their minivan, presumably to deliver the requisite necessities from the trailer.

Kathy notes her experience is that when you're on an effective mission, these kinds of things crop up. (I'm not going to debate the logic of that.) But please put Kairos, which does really change lives, and the Youth Camp (not to mention Fr. Davis and transportation issues), in your prayers.

And by the way, welcome home, Ruby! It's really good to have you back for the summer.


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