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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fr. Davis' email

(...and it is welcome!) I have to admit, my bad habit of reading partial sentences and filling in the rest mentally worked against me in this part of the latest e-mail missive from Fr. Davis to the parish:
Dear Brothers & Sisters in our Lord,

Beginning next Sunday, all Sunday morning Coffee Hour receptions will be hosted by Vilia [] at her lovely new home.

Just kidding. ;-)

Such events will certainly not be the norm; but it was a special occasion, and it indeed seemed that all who were present had a wonderful time. Many thanks to our gracious hostess and family members who effectively relayed the message to the rest of us that "Mano namuose yra jūsų namuose."

"Ir mūsų yra tavo," dear Vilia.

I got as far as "will be hosted by Vilia" and thought "whoa!" -- before the rest of it sank in. And then the "Just kidding"... (Hm. Do I need to add a Lithuanian phrasebook to my already extensive collection of Korean, Scandinavian, German, French, Farsi, Egyptian, Japanese, Hindi, Gaelic, etc.?)

But it was a good time and I especially enjoyed chatting with her visiting family members, discovering a fairly close work connection in the process. I just hope they got to see Seattle in the sunshine this afternoon, after days of cloudy skies and precipitation, before they return home. Seattle's glorious summer is coming.


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