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Sunday, June 06, 2010


We had several visitors today. The first I met were Cynthia's parents, who drove out all the way from Arkansas. (3-1/2 days on the road; I am not sure I could take such a long haul anymore but these days it's probably better than flying.) I know they're enjoying our Seattle summer: bright sunny day yesterday, and maybe even our return to rain today. It's a summer rain -- that means it's a warm rain. But though it's uncharacteristically humid it's a mild 60F outside. I hope they'll stay on through next Sunday so we can visit more then.

(Bill keeps tabs on St. Bartholomew's through this blog and the website. Hi, Bill!)

Ranjit's sister Anuvinda (I hope that's right) and her daughter were here too. Ranjit pointed out the connection: the last time I was in Bangalore I visited the church where she was raised. St. Mark's Cathedral; a beautiful church.

Now she lives in New Delhi, not far from the Qutb Minar (this picture does not even show the incredible carvings on its walls). Some time I will have to take Kathy there, to see the incredible sights of New Delhi and Bangalore, for starters -- not to mention visit with Anuvinda.

(We had another visitor, but I did not get to meet him.)


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