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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today, Trinity Sunday, is the beginning of the long Kalendrical green season of Trinitytide that will carry us up to Advent.

But far more noteworthy was the house-blessing for our new parishioner Vilia (like the altar she hails from Lithunian, though she came through Michigan instead of Ohio) and her new octagonal (Buckminster Fuller?) dome house -- and the great time we spent with her and her family for the house-warming and blessing after Holy Communion today!

The house itself -- I was surprised to learn its age (not that old), because it looks brand-new. And even with the excellent condition she inherited, she has put her stamp on it.

And I was only one among many to remark today on how a house that looks so small from outside could be very roomy and comfortable. It's a lovely house in a lovely setting.

And when the time came the house was fully blessed, room-by-room, upstairs and down!

Welcome, Vilia, to you AND your family!


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