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Sunday, September 12, 2010

15 weeks!

After a night of very poor sleep (mostly travel-related I think -- the last nightmare had something to do with not being able to get to my destination for some reason or another) I did not want to get up and go to church. I really wanted to stay in bed and rest before the week-and-a-half of business travels, domestic and international, that start way too early tomorrow morning. But I had signed up to read the Epistle today so I went. And did what I could to preserve my voice (and improving physical condition).

But the shock came when I opened the particular Prayer Book from which I preview my Epistle readings: the bookmark was set at Trinity Sunday. And today is the 15th Sunday after Trinity!?! Have I really gone from when I read most every Sunday (when home, which was most of the time) to a 15-week gap?

Seems it is so, and Larry confirmed. Between my travel and illness, and St. Bartholomew's happily plenteous supply of Lay Readers these days, I truly haven't 'read' in months. It was a delight to be "back" despite the physical effort though why, I can't say: It's easier to sit in the pews with everyone else, but to serve just means so much more to me.

And I am still signed up to read for Bishop Provence's visit October 10th. I haven't talked with him much since I ceased to be Senior Warden but it will be a complete delight to serve with him.


  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    This will be the first time he's seen our beautiful new (to us) Lithuanian-American altar, I think. I wonder what he will say?


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