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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Now I know I've been too busy (traveling) when I went to update the church website just now, embarrassed because it hadn't been updated since August 22nd, and discovered that I had actually updated it on this computer September 5th but for some reason (forgotten during the two trips since) it was never uploaded.

A little extra pressure to update came this week with the delivery via e-mail of the latest Christus Rex, the Province's newsletter. Always an enjoyable read, it contained a funny from St. David's Summer Youth Retreat -- I suspect from the dimensions that that's a combined Book of Common Prayer (1928) PLUS the King James Bible (with Apocrypha) in her hoodie. A book no American Anglican should be without.

Also noted in the Christus Rex was a Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Provence to the province last August. Apparently I missed it somehow; he notes therein that for the time being he has taken some of our Canadian Anglican brethren under his wing until they can organize their own provincial structure. They likely have an uneasy and difficult time ahead; please pray for them.


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