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Monday, December 20, 2010

Where have all the photos gone?

A couple of weeks ago Bob asked me for a photo of the altar. No problem, I thought, because I had some going back to when it arrived. But they have disappeared.

It's not like they've been misfiled -- the photo filing system is very simple and they should have been in one or more folders named something like /2010/2010-03-28-StB/ but there's nothing there. Only 2010-02-Paris/ followed by 2010-04-Frankfurt/. True, pictures taken explicitly for the blog are put elsewhere, but they're not there. And sometimes they'll be placed in a similar location on the work laptop (particularly when traveling), but that looks the same as the home machine.

I had to revisit this blog's archives to persuade myself that I took them.

I wonder... I think I burned a CD for Fr. Davis. Perhaps I accidentally deleted them then? I'll have to ask.

As Bob noted, it's worrisome when things like this just disappear. What else might have vanished undetected?


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