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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Missed again

I missed the Mens' Breakfast once again today. For once not due to travel, but rather to sleeping until noon. Mostly it's wind-down into the vacation that started when I left the office yesterday afternoon. I'll return January 4th.

I'm usually useless for the first three days of vacation -- and I didn't really get one this year. In fact, I probably left a number of days of unused vacation on the table, but since I'm not filling out online (or any other kind of) time-sheets anymore I don't know. (Why I'm not doing them anymore is beyond the focus of this blog.)

Still, it's a bit sad I missed this fellowship and another opportunity to re-engage with some of my parish family. But I have 5 to 6 weeks yet at home before my next trip, and the coming week will see lots of activity around the church.

I am so happy to BE Home, however humble it is!


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