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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voces in Silvae

It looks like St. Bartholomew's choir, FKA(?) Schola Cantorum will rise like a phoenix once again -- maybe not a good analogy because we're rising not so much from ashes as rust, and maybe not even that; it's just never quite taken wing. But I think it requires more effort than the Rector can regularly provide,

So I'm quite pleased to see our organist Scott (who today added his voice for a special First Sunday in Lent) also take on choir leadership -- and has he done so in a big way! Not only in signing up volunteers and seeking to fill under-represented elements of the choir, but adding Internet communications of significant value through his new blog, Voces in Silvae, or "Voices in the Forest." What name could be more appropriate!

Take a look. You'll also learn about the new Johannus Opus 17 organ coming to St. Bartholomew's. (And there will be more to follow, but that's for future times.)


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