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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Litany on Lent I

Today, this being the first Sunday in Lent, we sang The Litany. Although Fr. Daniel had provided the music in the bulletin, it was a good thing that of us had practiced it last week. Easy enough, but there were a few places where we departed from these responses and instead simply repeated after Fr. Daniel. But it all went well.

And more of the service than usual was sung, according to the bulletin from The 5th Communion Service by Leo Sowerby (hymal 799 Sanctus and Benedictus, 749 Agnus Dei).

The Girls' Choir performed an anthem before the Offertory. This anthem was rather a departure from the usual fare for our Girls' Choir -- they sang a Spiritual arranged by Harry Burleigh, (see also Wikipedia and The Harry T. Burleigh Society), "De Gospel Train." Great job -- though it was hard to keep from laughing the first time at the train-whistle toots from the organ!

And now that it is Lent, with the Ember Days (days of fasting and praying for the ordination of clergy) falling this week, Fr. Daniel announced the Lenten Ember Days Care Package for our seminarians. Through next Sunday, non-perishable food and gift items (on the Seattle / Pacific-Northwest theme is favored -- though I wonder: might they be getting tired of salmon by now?) can be brought to the church and left for the package.


  • At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Kathy said…

    Some of us remember the sung Litany from childhood; others have a distant memory of having sung it while away at college. I love the sung Litany and I am glad we did it. The majesty of the prayerbook is easily forgotten when confining its use to the "ordinary" parts of the service. Another addition we had prior to Communion was the Exortation. It could do with reading more frequently (in my opinion). Most of us grow somewhat lackadaisical about liturgical discipline and private discipline when it comes to Holy Communion. It is good to have a "refresher" once in a while so our devotion does not stagnate.


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