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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Even

What a difference from yesterday, and not just the church! To start off with, the weather was lousy. I have a magazine article due Monday, and Friday's weather was perfect: just warm enough, nice sun... I find it most enjoyable to write in such weather, at the picnic table out back, sheltered under the umbrella canopy. But of course yesterday was the Vigil and nothing got written. Next best is when it's slightly cool and pouring down outside, windows open so I can hear and smell the rain. Nope, none of that either. Just overcast and a lot of glare, the kind I close the blinds against, the kind that induces my writer's block.

I struggled against that for a few hours, finally breaking through and finishing the first draft with a few minutes to get dressed and head to church for the Easter Even services. That's when Fr. Daniel called and asked if I was coming and could I help out because there'd been a change in plans? (He called earlier in the day but the phone was on my dresser and I'd left it on vibrate, so I missed that call.) Well, of course I could: to serve is a joy.

But it meant I had to leave Right Now. So I dressed quickly and dashed out -- almost forgetting my trusty little camera in the process.

I didn't realize what I'd let myself in for. Suddenly I would be leading Evening Prayer. Not all that difficult, but I don't remember when I last (if ever) led it. And right after that I'd be helping Fr. Daniel at the Easter Even service: the Lighting of the New Fire followed by the Ante-Communion and the Renewal of Baptismal Vows.

It was fine for all I felt a bit like I was racing from one thing to the next (my fault, not Fr. Daniel's!), and trying to read Evening Prayer in light that was a bit dim.

And it was more than fine; especially by contrast with yesterday the Sanctuary was gorgeous, with the one element to be completed being the still-empty Aumbry. And I will stand by my statement Monday about Fr. Daniel's flair; those who did not attend this evening missed something special.

I'm on deck to serve at the 6 AM sunrise service (looking online for the time it appears sunrise will be partway through the service) and though it probably means a 4:40 AM alarm, I'm up at that hour often enough for business trips to the East Coast, as I will do again two weeks hence.

At least this time I won't have to deal with airport security and airport/airline food: thank you, Lord!


  • At 11:28 PM, Blogger Kathleen said…

    What a change in atmosphere from Good Friday to this evening! I am usually prepared for it, but this evening went from quiet and meditative to festive and glorious. And am I ever glad that Father Daniel rested his voice as the Exultet never sounded so sweet! I wish I had thought to bring a tape recorder because I think the singing was exquisite. There was just the right balance for parts! Maybe next year we will have a full choir...

  • At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Kolokotronis said…

    Christ is Risen from the dead! By death trampling down death and to those in the tomb He is bestowing Life!

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Continuing Home said…



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