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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Salve Festa Dies!

4:40 AM arrived right on time and way too early. But we were up and off to church on schedule. I vested in the Sacristy since I was to be Epistler for the Sunrise Service. I opened a prayer book to preview the Epistle and Drew noted how, after all the long Epistles we've read, this morning's was so short -- it was barely longer than the Collect!

When we exited the Sacristy to walk around and enter in the Narthex, I noted there was just the beginnings of light in the sky, but the birds were already providing a dawn chorus and not quietly. Inside, Kathy provided the service music with her harp, which made it a rather different and quieter Easter service from those I'm accustomed to with a church full of voices belting out "Hail Thee, Festival Day!" (#86, 1940 Hymnal).

By the end of the service it was full daylight outside. No sunrise per se, due to the overcast skies. But they started opening up during breakfast in the Parish Hall; it appeared the 10 o'clock service would have bright sun.

I was tempted to stay -- after all, most of the parish would be there and the Girls' Choir would be singing, but I was already fading and needed to get home. I can't even imagine how tired Fr. Daniel must be!


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