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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Good Friday Vigil

This must have been a test, to have weather like this on Good Friday! This morning it was sunny, gorgeous and warm -- the first morning like this this spring. Blue skies with a few wisps of clouds, a day to spend outside... not inside a darkened church. Especially since the forecast is for cloudy and rain from here out. But we went to the Vigil anyway. (Of course, it was probably either the Vigil or all that yard work that's awaiting.)

The altar had been stripped, of course, the crosses shrouded, the Aumbry empty with its light extinguished, and the sanctuary bare. This set the tone despite all the bright light streaming in.

Fr. Daniel had prepared a Vigil different from any I recall. We started with the 'Good Friday Service Proper." Then the next hour and 45 minutes were as follows (from the bulletin):

The Words
on the Cross

Each Word will be followed by a
Brief Sermon,
the corresponding part of
Hymn 82,
then a period of further
Silent Meditation

Each of these were timed for 15 minutes. Then at 2:30 we read the Order for Evening Prayer.

And then we walked out the Narthex door into summer.

Update: I almost forgot: It was a delight to hear, during Evening Prayer, 3-year-old Pru(dence) trying hard, and at times succeeding, to recite the Lord's Prayer along with the rest of us. Drew and Dee must be proud; I know I would have been.


  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger An Anglican Geek said…

    I'm glad you thought Prue's "participation" was a delight! I worried she was too disruptive. I am proud of her, not only for beginning to learn the Lord's Prayer, but for wanting to participate. She and Deedee have been practicing the Lord's Prayer every night, and last night she said well over half of it correctly! I look forward to teaching her the Apostle's Creed!


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