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Friday, October 26, 2007

Park & Pray

This Friday I was not tied up at noon, so I drove on up to St. Bartholomew's to join Fr. Daniel for the Litany. (I've written about this before.)

I almost didn't arrive in time thanks to Redmond traffic and Redmond traffic light programming. Most of the time the lights are fine, but travel through Redmond falls apart surprising rapidly when traffic starts getting heavy. I got caught in such a mess with multiple light changes just to pass a single light. (Maybe I should pull out my old college Queueing Theory text...? No.)

But I did arrive just in time: Fr. Daniel was walking from the office to the church for the service. I was pleased to see another car there, though I didn't recognize it. Then I was surprised that just the two of us were saying the Litany.

Afterwards Fr. Daniel explained that Matt had taken advantage of our newly-advertised (to the parish) "Park & Pray" 'program' today. He'd driven over for 7:30 Matins, then walked to the nearby bus stop and caught the 8:10 bus to Microsoft. Smart, from what I've heard of the impossible parking situation at Microsoft.


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