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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anglican Camp II

The Tomlinsons have announced the time and location for this year's diocesan campout. It's not going to be the Rogue River in Oregon (noted in this blog entry) after all, but the location, Patrick's Point State Park, looks wonderful! And it's probably an hour or so less driving than last year's for those of us in the Pacific Northwest.

Last year's was a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to this year's. I've even noted it on my work calendar and hopefully that time will remain free.

I say that because so far this year my travel, for all that it is only one trip a month, is managing to interfere with all sorts of things at church. Last weekend I missed two of the three Evangelism Group classes and the Men's Fellowship breakfast because I was away. My flight home was scheduled to come in so late (it came in even later) that I decided against trying to get to Oakland CA in time for Archbishop Provence's enthronement the following morning, for all that I really wanted to be there. (Along with everything else, to meet a fellow Anglican blogger in person.)

In about 2-1/2 weeks I head out for a week, which means I will miss the Annual Parish Meeting and a church planting seminar. My trip early March conflicts with a diocesan retreat. My meetings in April coincide with the diocesan Synod, which we are hosting and I am supposed to be arranging. Other conflicts, such as my turn to read the Epistle, are not such big things. New York, Bangalore, Munich, D.C., Frankfurt(maybe), Berlin/London, Salt Lake City... by July I will be ready for a long stretch home until the travels pick up again in September.

And the campout will definitely be something to look forward to through all of this. Being right on the coast it will be a bit less dry and definitely cooler than last summer's, which will be just fine with us Pacific Northwesterners. I hope we can get more folks from St. Bartholomew's to come, though I'll certainly understand it if the addition of a baby (due any time now, if not already arrived) means the subtraction of a family.


  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger The Miller Menagerie said…

    Oh no, count us in on the trip! Due to budgeting constraints, it is the only vacation we're going to be able to have this year. And, we're more than happy to share space in our tent with any brave soul that wants to share a tent with 2 adults, a preschooler, toddler, infant and a large dog! But, if not having gear would deter anyone, there is space in our tent (it sleeps 8).

    On the baby front...we were excited to be having contractions Friday night through last night (some of which kept me up they were so "serious"). But, with being so stressed with the Miller house running late this morning for church, the contractions have completely stopped. :( We're still hopeful our little guy will make his presence sooner rather than later!

  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    If there's a gear shortage, we have just about everything other than lights to set up a second camp.


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