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Friday, January 18, 2008

Selah, The Trees of St. Mary's redux, and St. Thomas'

Well, as noted a couple of posts ago I am now on another of my lengthy trips away, this time a full week in New York City. Not so full that I didn't have a couple hours free this afternoon so I could take a trip up the Empire State Building (to the 83rd floor, but that was quite enough for me) right at dusk -- not the best time, but it's what I had.

Of course, longtime readers will know "Selah" in the subject line means there will likely be no postings while I'm away -- and I had intended to post such before I left, but with my work laptop going kaput the day before I flew out and suddenly having a trip to India approved the evening before I left, I got tied up with so much unexpected activity I didn't have time to post. But right now, this evening, I do.

Interestingly, last month's posting The Trees of St. Mary's does not seem to be fading away. In conversation with my colleague Graham at lunch today, he noted that the posting created a small stir at St. Mary's, and in fact a version of it is appearing in a newsletter just about to be published, possibly in time for his wife to bring a copy of it with her to New York. (I personally think the stir should be in the other direction -- I'm merely reporting on a great Christian witness in their own community, and you did an excellent job, Bill T., in organizing this.)

Back to the present, the easy part of my schedule is over. But Fr. Daniel had mentioned a church I should look up if I had time, St. Thomas' Episcopal (apparently one of the faithful remnant). He had visited there while pursuing his doctorate in (choral) music. I looked up their website and sure enough, they appear to have quite a choral program. AND... they are exactly one block from my hotel! There are two or three services I may be able to attend, one of them a Choral Evensong & Eucharist.

Stay tuned...


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