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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Shrove Tuesday

Okay. Maybe it wasn't Super, that appellation belonging to that other Tuesday today, but it was great.

During the coffee hour Sunday it was evident that Shrove Tuesday was coming soon. Master Chef Gordon (one of our several Master Chefs, including Drew and Ranjit) was digging in the closet for the cookware for the pancakes, and pancake mix and maple syrup were appearing on the counter. (And we have to have good maple syrup -- we have some discriminating New Englanders in our congregation.)

I showed up early in order to lend a hand if needed, but it was evident from the parking lot alone that they weren't short-handed inside.

Everything was already set up to go, and I saw we had a new addition to the traditional Shrove Tuesday team of Gordon and D.J.: Bob was wearing the traditional "newest cook" chef's hat, which is his until the next "newest cook" is drafted. D.J. wanted me to be sure I got a picture of Bob in the hat -- I doubt this was what he had in mind, but this is what was in my camera when I got home.

That picture was taken fairly early on. Not long after, many more of the smaller children arrived, accompanied by their parents, and the hall became pretty lively.

Still, the turnout was a bit lower this year. There's apparently a crunch on at Microsoft and out of all our Microsofties only Ranjit and Drew made it. But it was worth it to be there.

In chatting with Ranjit, it turns out my hotel in Bangalore might be close to a family member's house, on M.G. Road. I am headed there in a week; I dread the long flights but Bangalore in February is delightful, quite different from Seattle's dismal grey winter days here. Think Santa Barbara in springtime. And maybe as with St. Thomas Fifth Avenue, New York, last month Fr. Daniel's suggestion that I might attend Mass there will bear out. Especially if there is an early service. It might be close by, I see there is a church on M.G. Road.

I only hope they conduct their service in English, as I speak no Kannada (the language of Karnataka, the state of which Bangalore is the capital). On the other hand, I'm guessing I could follow a traditional Anglican service anywhere, even if I didn't know the language.

Update: Ash Wednesday services: 10:00am, 4:30pm and 7:00p


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