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Monday, February 04, 2008

"God so loved the world..."

I confess, I just about lost it (in Internet lingo ROTFLOL, for "Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud") when reading this afternoon Fr. Daniel's weekly and much-appreciated "e-mail newsletter" to the parish, titled "This Week at Saint Bartholomew's", reminding us of coming events, service schedules, announcements and celebrations, needs and a little bit of church-related humor.

To really appreciate what was so funny to me, understand that my day job for the past dozen years is very involved with (technical) committees, to the degree that today I am on the executive board of two international committees and one European committee. (Last year when I rolled off the position of Senior Warden, I also resigned from the executive of a North American committee, a replacement having been duped found.)

And today an e-mail arrived advising that I had just been elected to another industrial society committee. I had expressed vague interest when asked (several times over the past couple of years), but no application had been submitted! Seems maybe a committee somewhere got some signals crossed. The work is quite important but the position is not high profile; I will have to confer with my employer.

So having been so involved with committees for so long and understanding how they operate, this photo really made me laugh. I just might slip it into the "meeting documents" folder during the next meeting of the committee I chair. I find a little humor sometimes helps get them moving forward constructively.


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