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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sumer is icumen in

Sorry about the pause. One of my "hobbies" is watching the making of laws (a business far more appalling than the making of sausages, I assure you) and advising the makers of said laws when they are making a bad mistake. Shortly after the previous post I happened to stumble across a very bad mistake in process and analyzing, researching and responding to it completely tied me up until last evening. (The letters should be in the mail today.)

In any event, after a long cold winter-like spring, a heatwave descended on us the end of last week (temperatures in the high 80s F, high 20s C), too-bright sun and all. Suddenly summer has arrived -- we have to start opening the windows in the Nave and be bothered by traffic noise from Avondale Road, some of us get to be awakened by the 4:30 AM dawn chorus ("Lhude sing cuccu..." and other birds!) and as regular as clockwork, the summer schedule of events appears in the Sunday bulletin.

Well, okay, kidding on the last (I think?). But Fr. Daniel has clearly been thinking way ahead. Choir Camp will be held August 12-14. Camp Cookie is slated for August but might not happen because it's support for Kathy in her Kairos Prison Ministry and she will miss the September event -- it coincides with my meeting in Vienna, and she is coming with me, though I learned today we'll likely return separately because I have to go speak at a conference in Dallas immediately after.

But there are other things such as our Patronal Festival this year, August 24th, which will be the 30th anniversary of the founding of St. Bartholomew's! We have a few people who remember those days but not many. And the Annual Parish Retreat on September 27th (maybe I'll be there -- the Dallas conference will be over).

I noticed that the Diocesan Youth Camp (late June) and the Diocesan Camp-Out (7/10-13) weren't listed, but it still looks like a busy summer ahead.

Oh. And the flags? They appeared about the time of Bishop Provence's visit on Pentecost. I rather suspect the Anglican Church Women were involved somehow.

Now if it would only rain and cool things off a bit...


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