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Friday, May 09, 2008

Tight schedule

Just got back early this morning (1 AM) from another trip. This one looked easy, just a short 105-minute flight to SFO (San Francisco)... but none of the travel turned out to be so easy.

A declining set of circumstances beginning with airplane mechanical trouble set back my arrival in SFO to a time where I was barely going to make my speaking engagement. I made it in time though, to the evident relief of my colleague and speaking partner Graham, who took me to see the memorable The Trees of St. Mary's at Goring-By-Sea last December.

But my recent hope that I might be able to get away to visit St. Stephen's, Oakville Grade, was not to be. The buffet dinner / "trade show" / etc. went way too late.

But during it I talked with both Graham and his wife Julie (whom I met on my visit to St. Mary's), and in the course of the discussion I somehow mentioned our upcoming Anglican Camp (our Diocese of the Western States camp-out), probably because it'll be on the California coast two or three hours' drive north of the conference. They were intrigued, so I am to e-mail them links to the Anglican Camp last year (photos and more photos more photos). .

They related some of their activities, not exactly like ours but involving people from multiple parishes. The common element we all held is that it's a good thing for people from different parishes to meet and get to know each other.

But all too soon it was time to head towards the airport, more difficulties with airplanes, and arriving late o again.


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