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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Synod end and beyond

Synod is almost over and there is so much I've missed: the silent retreat, the Clericus -- well, I wouldn't have been there anyway, as well as the Clergy & Wives Dinner though I would have been at the Laity Dinner, the services, the workshops, and so on. All that's left now are, starting in under three hours: the logistical headache of shuttling everyone from the hotel in Redmond to St. Bartholomew's (this was one of the last items to get resolved), the Synodical Mass, and the Saturday Brunch.

But there were other elements too I hadn't anticipated, perhaps because they weren't in my planning, such as the Anglican Church Womens' quilt (every parish contributed a square) and Abby & Jon's presentation on our Anglican Camp last year (photos and more photos), which will be held again this year.

But it now appears that several folks will be staying over so I will get to see them Sunday. I've already mentioned Archbishop Provence but now I can add Monty, a professional who took over my pitiful efforts at getting a regular and effective diocesan newsletter started (hampered by too much travel and other commitments) and did an excellent job, and Abby & Jon whose new baby will be baptized tomorrow! (Update: Miscommunication -- their baby was baptized today. Oh well.)


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