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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Last Sunday Fr. Daniel noted that our church had been growing -- the weeds in particular. Perhaps making up for lost time after our cold spring. But in any event, we're long overdue for a general work party.

We used to hold these pretty regularly in the growing season, with folks turning out with all their yard gear to keep the place in order. But between the grounds project, which seeks a more readily maintainable environment with natural vegetation (the invasive blackberries seem to be nearly gone), and a hired groundskeeper (who is off for the summer, the funding going into the Remembrance Grove), we've gotten a bit out of the habit.

We need to get back in the practice, but it may be difficult. I've suggested a call for a specific date and especially times (it's all volunteer anyway, but I think it's a good thing to limit expectations), with specific things to be addressed. It seems also a good thing to have more people involved, perhaps those who aren't able to do the more physical labor could make a lunch for the group? Help build the sense of commnity...?

I wonder what other churches do...


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