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Saturday, August 02, 2008


"Oops!" was not the planned title for this entry! Although I have been kind of busy lately I didn't realize how much until I sat down to write it. I had been planning an entry about our discussion of the Apocrypha in the Scripture Study class, but something came up and pretty soon I was off on to other things and never got back.

I was reminded of it yesterday during lunch with Fr. McGrath and thought maybe I'd write it this morning. This time I got there (after work on the website's Anglican Bookshelf page), but thought maybe I had a photo on my little digital camera I could use. (This little Nikon S3 goes with me pretty much everywhere.) So I went to see what I had on it... and got a shock. Understand, it's my habit to download the pictures whenever I get home but this time I found pictures going back a month and a half!

First were a series of photos taken during my week in Salt Lake City in June! This one shows the Mormon Temple taken from the roof of the new Conference Center -- a tour of which is quite worth the time. It was an education for me, since I knew little about the LDS church.

Not long after I'd returned from Salt Lake City we were off for two weeks' vacation, including the Anglican Family Camp at Patrick's Point State Park in California. This one was taken the evening on our way down the camp, along the Rogue River State Park in Oregon, with our 44 year old tent.

And after that one (!) there were various photos from St. Bartholomew's, but probably not downloaded because the computer was either about to be rebuilt, or being rebuilt. When processing this one from last Sunday (very unusual for us to have rain this time of year, not to mention its being chilly outside), the photo software started up for the first time.

I guess it has been a busy time...


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