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Friday, December 26, 2008

It's not too late for Carols

St. Stephen's Day and we're still snowed in.

I understand two families, the McGraths and the Millers, made it to the Christmas Eve service. Four adults and six children. Many churches in the area canceled their midnight services; a wise move considering the dangerously slippery conditions out there.

I haven't heard about the Christmas Day service though I suspect it was equally low. The last report I had was under an hour before the service, and the power was out. At least the church has a generator so there would have been heat and light.

We had hoped to be free to move about tomorrow but this afternoon's rain is falling as snow instead, undoing the work of shoveling the drive and the hill so we could leave (and return) safely.

But as Fr. McGrath said in an e-mail to the parish on Christmas Eve, "Do not lose heart: the snow will melt in due time." It will, and as he also noted the First Sunday in Christmas will offer opportunity for lots of carols.

Fr. McGrath posted pictures of the church taken Christmas Day.


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