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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very White Christmas

Woke up this morning expecting to see some melting underway, but instead we had a bit of a blizzard in progress, covering yesterday's tracks in the driveway and loading up the trees with snow. This is worrisome, because these conditions often lead to power outages -- but it's beautiful anyway and a relief from our dark winters. (At the low resolution of this picture the snowflakes aren't visible... but they're there -- and the photo is full color, by the way.)

But I was curious -- was this local, or more widespread? A week or two ago Fr. McGrath tipped me off to the fact that the county had made their traffic cameras (along with the state dept. of transportation) available on the Internet. So I'm able to look around for myself and see... yes, the snowfall is widespread. (This photo is from about 5 miles south of St. Bartholomew's, right in the center of Microsoft's Redmond campuses.) I expect a very low turnout for the 10 AM service this Christmas morning.

(Update 9:20 AM: Fr. McGrath reports the power is out in Woodinville. Fortunately the church has a generator so there will be light and warmth there.)


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