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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The Messenger" (Advent Series IV)

I read through Fr. McGrath's handout and the readings for the class for the "(Go Not) Fo[u]rth Sunday in Advent" last night. It was quite interesting, focused on the "messengers" ("angels", though the handout didn't give the origin of the term and though it seems that I should know this, I don't -- maybe I have forgotten it). I somehow never recalled that it was Gabriel who went to both Zachariah and Mary. And as Fr. McGrath notes, angels appear in several other places in the "Infancy Narrative," a detail I somehow missed, perhaps by never having focused on it.

Angels appear elsewhere in the Biblical narratives but never, I think, so many appearances in a short time. Indicative?

I have a feeling that this would have been a most interesting class, had it come to be held.


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