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Monday, July 27, 2009

Changing the Guard

Didn't make it to church Sunday, due to desire to stay in and quiet to keep the nose from hemorrhaging again, not to mention needing to work on Friday's talk, so I'm still somewhat out of the loop. I did hear reports that the Parish is excited about Fr. Davis' arrival and I'm sure plans for our traditional greeting are underway.

I also learned that Acolyte Master and Master Chef Ranjit has passed on the acolyte baton to Master Chef and (now) Acolyte Master Drew. I'm sure Drew won't be long in cracking the whip to have the boys scrubbing out the old incense pot.

But more seriously, we seem to be headed for a problem -- an excess of Acolytes! If we include the boys who need more training, and the parishioners who are trained but not serving, our schedule of rotation could run rather longer than a single month, which is enough time to start forgetting things not drummed in well by practice.

Still, remembering the days when we had only one Lay Reader and one Acolyte, this is a good problem!


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