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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The prayer books arrive

Some weeks ago (weeks? looking it up it was almost 2 months ago!) Fr. McGrath sent out a request for Books of Common Prayer, 1928, noting:
"some of my fellow chaplains are interested in the Anglican Way, and are especially fascinated by the Book of Common Prayer. ... My problem is that in our small worship room/library at Newport we only have one [1979] prayer book which obviously does not jive with my prayer book, so it is very hard to lead others in worship."
There was a lot of talk about purchasing some for the library, but it was not an organized activity and so not much happened. But last week, or the week before, one of our parishioners packed up some of the small 1928 BCPs still around but no longer used and shipped them off to Fr. McGrath.

Three days ago I received an e-mail that they had arrived, noting:

"now I’ll finally be able to celebrate a Communion Service for my colleagues."
THAT should be interesting!


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