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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surplus of servers

This morning we learned from Fr. Davis that Jean has now passed away. Paul's service will be Sept. 12th, if I remember correctly; Fr. Davis is still trying to get in touch with Jean's family who are here somewhere.

But today we had a first, I think, at St. Bartholomew's -- two servers lighting the candles, father and son, and their first time serving here. Pretty soon I can retire, or may have to so others get a chance...

Uh oh. Drew asked I'd serve next Sunday. I agreed, but had forgotten that Kathy & I are performing with our Scottish Gaelic group next Sunday at the Evergreen State Fair, singing ancient Gaelic working ("waulking") songs. I usually turn out for these events in my Braveheart-style greatkilt, but this takes rather a bit of floorspace to pleat up and don and besides, there won't be time after the service.


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