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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wrong event

I sure got it wrong this month -- instead of the Men's Breakfast this morning I was at at the Ladies' Crafts Social yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was Furlough Friday for me (every other Friday off without pay -- but at least I still have a job!) and I finally decided to do something about making a couple of photographic light reflectors for future church portraits -- Davis family, you are hereby now warned! Two reflectors, one side silver and one side gold, was the goal. Kathy and I went to a Redmond crafts store (Ben Franklin) and while we didn't find what we were looking for, we found something else instead. We bought the materials and headed off to St. Bart's, since DeeDee was going to be there already, to assemble them. After all, this was "crafts."

DeeDee and Cynthia were there, with kids. Kathy hadn't brought a project, but this was as much a social event and before too long Fr. Davis was down there too, pleasant chats while the adhesive in my simple reflector assemblies set up.

This morning I completely missed the Men's Breakfast by oversleeping almost until noon. Then again, things have been rather stressful in the workplace and I probably needed the extra sleep.

I continued with a low-key afternoon traveling around taking a few photos of the lovely local countryside taking. Might even try to sell a few of them at the next ACW sale to support St. Bart's.

(It was Kathy who remembered and pointed out the similarity to these photos I took of the pyramids at Giza, in Egypt, almost two years ago.)


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