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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dog days

It's been unusually hot here -- while I was away Seattle apparently set an alltime new record, 103F, exceeding the old record of 100F; the area is beginning to look like California with all the dead, dry grass, and the grassfires have begun.

It's also looking like a slow time for the blog right now; in part that's because it has competition -- I am setting up work-related social-networking sites including a blog. That not only requires a lot of preparation, but I have to do it from outside the corporate internet (read: home) just to get access to certain sites.

That's also impacting a few other things, such as processing photos from the Diocesan Family Campout which are still in the camera, unviewed. But I have some free time ahead (tomorrow is Furlough Friday), rain is in the forecast, and I hope to catch up before the weekend is over.

I need to be caught up before Fr. Davis and family arrive...


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