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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hard to recall, but I think this might have been a quieter Whitsunday/Pentecost service than usual at St. Bartholomew's. Perhaps also more cerebral as Fr. Davis gave us a LOT to consider in his sermon. (And weather-wise, it seemed like a return to cold, wet and grey early spring.)

But that matters little: we've just entered into the very short season of Whitsuntide and next Sunday we enter into Trinitytide -- the long "green" season on the Kalendar that winds up just before Advent.

Fr. Davis has initiated another of his "Rector's Forum" Wednesday evenings, continuing a now-old tradition of such. In this case it's a two-Wednesday-evening session of Evening Prayer / Evensong followed by a light supper and a class on "Modernity." I wish I could be there but as usual I will be away on business this coming Wednesday, though I hope to be present the following Wednesday.

Next Sunday we have a special treat with a house-blessing for Vilia -- but all in due time. I am fly away again Monday through Thursday and will just have to see what develops that I can report.


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