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Monday, May 17, 2010


Maybe I haven't complained about it on the blog (I thought I had), but it's been difficult being away so much and Sunday I didn't quite feel like I was really back. Of course, getting home from the airport long after midnight (even later than expected because my car died on the freeway) didn't help. Not to mention there being new members whose names I don't even know yet. And more travel coming up -- I fly out again tomorrow morning.

But before I left church yesterday I grabbed a copy of the bulletin. New format, new content, a bit more of a traditional bulletin than we've had for a while. But the Canterbury Cross graphic created a few years ago continues on -- it's not as threatening as the St. Bartholomew's graphic: three flensing knives on a shield. (I'm not pulling out the massive tome on heraldry downstairs in order to explain it properly.)

But under the ANNOUNCEMENTS section on the last page, I noted a few minutes ago, is one item:

Pray for St. Bartholomew's Church, our diocese, province... (et cetera)... those who are sick, traveling, lonely and struggling spiritually as well as our Lithuanian and Lithuanian-American brethren. ...
Traveling... well yes, there are extra hazards when traveling. But for me, feeling disconnected from home is something new and "home" definitely includes St. Bartholomew's.

At least I will be back in time to go to the Men's Breakfast Saturday. I think I was at one earlier this year but don't remember when. Larry penciled in my name to read the Epistle on Sunday (thank you!!) and though there's more travel coming up, right now I have no plans to be away on a Sunday until late June. I can deal with that.


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