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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diocese of the West Family Camp 2010

At the end of the Family Camp last month it was decided that we should hold next year's camp in Southern Oregon. One reason was to attract folks from the Oregon parishes by bringing it closer to them. It would also be about as convenient (if not more so) than Patrick's Point, and for those of us at St. Bartholomew's it's reachable in a single day's drive.

Kathy and I decided we'd scout the area to find a camp. Now I've found one good prospect online, but I hear there are many campgrounds in the areas. Unfortunately things are beginning to work against our being able to get away. I thought I'd take a couple vacation days, well, about now. But Kathy is working and I find I have only a few vacation days left (plus I'm planning on a couple of days for us in Strasbourg after my meetings there wrap up -- if we can get her there on my frequent-flyer miles).

We will see. (And if anyone can recommend a Southern Oregon campground that can accomodate a group of 50 - 75 people, please let me know.)


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