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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Autumn comes

Saw the first real signs of autumn today -- at higher local elevations cedars with fronds beginning to turn orange, and all around small but significant numbers of deciduous leaves turning color, including a few maples. The soon-to-be ubiquitous spiderwebs are beginning to appear too. All fairly much on schedule though it's odd that the regular early-morning fogs which usually start in August haven't been around. Maybe they require warmer summer days to get going.

With all the rain that's been coming through here lately (one forecast says thunderstorms tomorrow) it's almost funny to think back just four years (to the day?) when Fr. McGrath & family arrived and he texted me: "I'm here -- where's the rain?"

This year has generally been cooler and wetter (and with a LOT more snow) than usual. Fr. Davis and family should brace themselves for the slow passing from Seattle's gorgeous summer season into our ugly dark winter.


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