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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blast from the Past

We had "visitors" today. To my shame I recognized them instantly but it took a LONG time for their names to flow back. They were very active members of St. Bartholomew's (Vestry, etc.) until 10 years ago when work sent them away elsewhere in the country. Their departure was a sad day here, but in my time here we've had so many sad days when members move away (Roger, this includes you!) one doesn't even tally them anymore.

But this visit was a complete delight. Their son (now at 6' plus not so little anymore) has moved to the area to attend college. He'll be mostly working on weekends but we hope to see him from time to time. He likes fishing so maybe we'll have him soon, um, hooked into the not-yet-formed GAFF (Guild of Anglican Fisher Folk). We have folks who can tell hm where the best fishing is to be had, at least.

And to the rest of the family I say, "We hope you'll come back here often for visits!" You're still part of our church family.


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