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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

...and the Schola Cantorum too!

I'm missing the history behind Fr. Davis' last e-mail, but it seems the Schola Cantorum will be alive and well!

I'd thought that after the departure of the Rev. Dr. Daniel & Dr. Josephine McGrath we'd rather wind back down to something like the level of music we'd had before, but it seems that's not to be. And I am glad.

Fr. Davis has just asked for all the usual suspects from the Schola Cantorum to preview sheet music he'd e-mailed us (PDF, of course) and get together soon, possibly Thursday evening, to rehearse for an upcoming event about which I know nothing, at nearby St. Jude's. On the other hand, "all the usual suspects" must have come from a list somewhere because my name is on it and it's been a while since I've been able to sing. I fear that on this I'd just cough my way through (a side effect of some medicine).

But he's asked us to cast the net wider for folks willing to join.

And I hear wind of other music programs to come.

Did I mention that he also sings Mass quite well?


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