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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paul Sr.'s Memorial

Paul Sr.'s memorial service was today, but we had to hold it at the First Congregational Church in Bellevue because the anticipated (and actual) turnout was much too large for our church. In fact it was so large that they ran out of bulletins. Though that was not too surprising once one read his obituary; he'd been involved with far more things than I knew, for all that he had already been retired a quarter-century ago when we both joined St. Bartholomew's parish.

Catherine had asked if I would serve, as Crucifer and Reader. It was an honor to do so; thank you, Catherine!

Poor Fr. Davis ran into a series of last-minute hitches that threatened to significantly delay the service, but tackled them head-on and we started pretty much on time with a beautiful service and a wonderful sermon.


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