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The ongoing saga of a Continuing Anglican church home, as seen by a member of the laity.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some "Triduum" photos

Not having much to say at this point, I thought I'd just post some photos of the altar through the Triduum so far, Maundy Thursday through Easter Even. This was not exactly a well-planned set, since I couldn't even remember from one day to the next what angle from which I'd taken previous photos. And if I had been really serious about this I would have set up the photos to get a fairly close color match between the photos (even though the lighting changed considerably, as the originals show). A pity I was serving and not able to take photos this evening -- I was unable to capture a dramatic shot of Geoffrey extinguishing the candles while sunlight streamed in through the incense haze (it's been suggested we take the nickname "Smoky Bart's," but we really don't use it that often or as heavily as a certain church in Texas).

Update 4/24: Easter photo added.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

I would have loved to title this posting "Balm(y) Sunday," but it wasn't to be. Especially for such a late Easter, this is a cold one. After my tour Sunday afternoon London turned gray and chilly for the rest of the week, but it was apparently even chillier here. So it was that this morning when I woke up it was snowing. Not much, and unless things got worse it wasn't going to stick, but it was snow regardless. A little hint of sun and blue sky soon after the service, but that was all. I hope the forecast Fr. Davis had for later in the week, of warmer weather, bears out. Otherwise it will still look and feel a bit like winter.

Still, we celebrated Palm Sunday in our traditional fashion, beginning with the Blessing of the Palms downstairs in the Parish Hall. The sharp-eyed frequent reader will note a change in the color of the walls -- yes, Rhonda and some of the youth repainted the Hall week before last. I had a photo ready for a blog entry about that, but there was no time in London.

Then we processed up to the Nave for the service -- spared by the snow, sleet, hail and other precipitation we often enjoy -- welcoming several local Lithuanian/Lithuanian-American guests on our celebration of the anniversary (by our church Ordo Kalendar year) of our first service with the Lithuanian-American altar from St. George's, Cleveland. (See last year's posts.) As I reported in private conversations today, we have received not only an altar but its history and that of St. George's, now intertwined into and recorded with our own parish history.

And thanks to Vilia, a few of us attended a party where eggs were being decorated according to Lithuanian customs. The basics seem simple enough, though a bit more work than American childrens' custom, and impressive results from those with more skill at planning and execution. It's been suggested we have a party/class to teach this Lithuanian skill next year at St. Bartholomew's. I am guessing this will be of interest not only to the children!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not quite as planned

My tentative plans for when I arrived in London were to check in at the hotel (at the airport) then, if I were up to it, to take a train to St. Mary's in Goring-by-Sea (which I had visited before) for their 9:30 AM service. But alas, it was not to be.

My flight from Atlanta was delayed a couple of hours by equipment trouble, so we arrived at Gatwick about 9:30 AM instead of 7:10. All that remained for me, it seemed, was to go into London proper and tour. But while crossing the airport looking for the hotel, I heard an announcement, generally directed at the passengers of a couple incoming flights, for a short Anglican service in the airport chapel at 10:30. I checked my watch and it seemed I would have just enough time to make it after checking in at the hotel, and I did!

It was (unsurprisingly) not a well-attended service; the minister, another fellow who read the Gospel (I guess a regular), and myself to begin with -- we were joined by a fourth a bit later, who made the comment about how this must have been "the old mens' service." But at least I was able to make Mass, if not how and where planned.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Laetare (or Rose) Sunday

Today is the Fourth Sunday in Lent, known as Laetare (or Rose) Sunday, and also as Mothering Sunday. The altar was decorated with rose (or pink) flowers, and Fr. Davis came as near to wearing pink (or rose) vestments as he ever will, he says.

But he also noted that from here on things will become a bit more stark.

Found on camera

I sat down a few minutes to take of some online business after finishing some preparations for next week's trip (little things like finishing the powerpoint for my talk), including a new entry in this blog. The first thing was to look at the pictures on the camera from this morning, but there I found a picture from last Sunday taken for a blog entry -- and forgotten the entire week following, even though I had the camera with me the whole time (and never used). Of course, really early-morning flights mean I should head to bed early and I guess there just wasn't time to post this this last Sunday.

So here it is, a picture of Schola Cantorum at practice after the service. I don't know what all of their plans are, but I gather it includes the Maundy Thursday service as all as Easter.