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The ongoing saga of a Continuing Anglican church home, as seen by a member of the laity.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forgot the Men's Breakfast!

I missed the Men's Breakfast & Fellowship this morning!

I was up around 3:30 AM PDT -- a good time to be awake because that's when I have to get up tomorrow for my early flight out, and it means I'm more or less still on East Coast time where I should be arising around 6:30 AM EDT. But a couple hours later I crashed again for a few hours (I needed the rest to try to get a bit better) and woke up at 9:30 or so. I blissfully took care of some things online, then about noon we headed out to join daughter & boyfriend for a movie. Never made it because the car's engine failed, but that's another story.

Soon after we left the house I realized I'd forgotten the Breakfast... but in retrospect it was just as well. I needed the rest, Fr. Davis knew I wasn't that well, and better the car failed where it did rather than on the way to church, miles from any auto service.

Dinner with Tent City IV

Several years ago our parish became involved in reaching out to the residents of Tent City IV, an encampment for people who are temporarily homeless. The city moves quarterly to different locations around King County, usually a church with a large enough parking lot that will accommodate the platforms and tents. The community provides a meal each evening for the residents. Local groups and faith communities share in the ministry. It was our turn last night and the experience from this guest blogger's point of view was amazing. But more on that later.

Last Sunday, an older Asian gentleman visited our service. What was remarkable about him was the glow on his face as he stood worshiping. I saw it as I returned from the communion rail. I assumed that he was an acquaintance of our organist, but later learned that he had heard of our church through Tent City IV. (Our youth group and supporters had previously prepared and brought dinner in August.) The visitor came down for coffee hour after Mass and spent time conversing with several of our parishioners. When I approached him his face was still glowing as he expressed his gratitude for our ministry at Tent City IV. It reminded me of the time when Jesus healed the ten lepers and one returned to give thanks.

Last night at Tent City IV I saw his face again and the glow was still there. He came through the line to receive supper and the smile he gave just warmed my heart. It is said that one can never out give God - that is true. Last night I learned that in giving one often receives a great deal more in return.

Welcome new blogger Caitlin!

Last night did it. I was home, having arrived in the wee hours of the morning, but tired and with a the cough returned, but had to beg off even on going out to get the story on feeding Tent City IV last night, their last dinner there before today's move to a new location. On hearing the stories after, I decided to add a new blogger who can also post these vignettes of the parish life of St. Sartholomew's even when I can't.

Please welcome Caitlin.

Monday, October 11, 2010

On the road again

When this posting appears on the blog I should be back up in the air, this time on my way to Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the following two Sunday mornings will find me back at SeaTac airport, beginning trips to D.C. ("the other Washington") and Atlanta. I can't say I'm happy about this because flights to the East Coast always eat up a day and I need to leave early, but it's part of the job.

At least last week and this I'm able to fly out on Mondays. But I could almost wring the neck (Lord, please give me grace) of the guy who scheduled a conference with meetings beginning the Monday after Thanksgiving! And my attendance is mandatory. I am thinking of flying out Saturday just to avoid the horrible Sunday airport crush.

But in mid-November I have a week and half trip to Hot Springs VA and Atlanta (again), but the Sunday I'm away I should be able to take Communion in an ACC church. It was very nice to find links to the ACC and UECNA websites from our website. I mentioned that to Archbishop Provence this morning, and he responded, "Yes, while the State Department is busy telling us where it's not safe to go, our website tells you where it is safe for you to go (and take Communion)!" What can I say but, "Amen."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Confirmations & Receptions

As I noted in the previous posting, this was a big day at St. Bartholomew's. (Arch)Bishop Provence was here to conduct five confirmations including our youngest daughter (she was so excited -- and now has her own copy of our "standard" book: a 1928 BCP plus KJV Bible with Apocrypha signed by the bishop!) and a couple who joined us this year. Fr. Davis introduced each in turn, they knelt and were confirmed.

And Bishop Provence received into the province a Lithuanian lady who had arrived in Seattle the same day as the Lithuanian altar we now use, heard about it two days later, visited soon after -- and remained ever since.

All that, and he blessed the altar too. (The story of the altar is here on the blog.)

Update: I nearly forgot to add: for one of our confirmands (Sandy, shown here) this day, 10/10/10, was a "perfect 10" -- it's also her birthday!

Autumn Lilies

I've mentioned before the difficulties of keeping the blog updated when I'm away so much. This posting turns out to be an example of same. Last Sunday we observed with surprise that last Easter's lilies, subsequently planted in the garden, were again in bloom. Now I'd forgotten to bring my little pocket camera (a Nikon S3) so I took pictures with my cellphone, but was so busy while away for a conference I never offloaded them.

But because today was a big event, I had the "big" camera with me. (It's only a Canon S3 IS with additional lenses + CHDK firmware, but it's far more versatile than the bigger Nikon D70 dSLR -- which failed, was fixed under warranty, failed the same way a few weeks later but then they wanted $350 to fix it. Not ready to spend the money to have it fixed again... for how long? Besides, I am really beginning to like Canon.) So here's the evidence, shot just an hour ago.